Official APL Rules

All Asian Pro League (APL) rules will be applied in all facets of APL and any partnered competitions.

All global FACEIT rules will be applied within APL.

If you want to report someone, please use the report form here: Abuse Report Form →

For other matters, how to join, how to fix AC, check our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page: Read the FAQ →

Division Chats

All divisions let you access a chat. The goal of this chat is to help building the community and let you find a teammate.

Keep the hub chats clean, it is strictly prohibited to:

Any misbehaviour will result in an instant mute, with chat mutes being at the Admin/Moderators' discretion. Repeated cases will result in sanctions.



We have a zero tolerance policy with regards to toxicity in the APL. Toxicity is the act of impacting on user experience in a disruptive way through intentional use of negative behaviour. This can involve, but isn’t limited to:

As they say, it takes two hands to clap. If a player is toxic toward you and you respond with similar behavior, you are also disrupting the game to the detriment of your team.

The Asian Pro League and its organisers reserve the right to amend these rules without prior notice.